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Nephrology & Dialysis

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Dialysis, Thumbay Medical Tourism in UAE


Kidney diseases have been increasing in all parts of the world during last 10 years and it is suspected to rise further in the coming time. This is mainly due to increase in cases of diabetes and hypertension, which are the main causes of kidney diseases. About 40-50% of the kidney patients are diabetic and 30-40% of the patients are hypertensive.


The Department of Nephrology at Thumbay Hospital, Ajman, is dedicated to the understanding of kidney diseases, their development, progression, treatment and prevention. The faculty is at the forefront of research and patient care in the field of kidney disease. The pursuit of excellence in patient care through improvement in understanding of disease processes and the development of new evidence-based strategies in treating individuals with kidney disease is our primary goal.

The Division of Nephrology is available for patients at any stage of kidney disease. Our main goal is to provide the highest quality care while helping patients manage their condition. The practice is made up of Nephrologist and technicians who are full-time staff members of the hospital. Not only do we provide care for patients, we also teach students, medical residents and other doctors in the community.

We see patients with a wide range of conditions, including diabetes and hypertension; inherited disorders such as polycystic kidney disease; and end-stage renal disease. We also help patients through follow-up management of a kidney transplant.

Department Services:

Basic Nephrology Care
We offer both inpatient and outpatient care to nephrology patients round the clock. This includes counselling and management of all kidney diseases, procedures and the support of other body systems affected by kidney diseases. Services for dialysis and follow up for kidney transplantation patient are also available. It is a close-knit unit which includes the Nephrologist and specially trained dialysis technicians and nurses.

The department is fully supported by Clinical Laboratory and Radiology services. This makes us one of country’s best kidney care providing unit.

Dialysis Services

  • We provide excellent conventional hemodialysis.
  • We provide regular dialysis services from 9.00a.m to 11.00p.m (3 shifts) and emergency dialysis round the clock.
  • The department has the latest computerised bicarbonate hemodialysis machines with volumetric ultrafiltration and adjustable sodium facility to ensure patient safety.
  • Continuous monitoring of sick patients on dialysis is done throughout the dialytic procedure with the help of highly specialized monitors.
  • More than 500 hemodialyses are performed per year (3 shifts of dialysis of 4 hours each) including ICU dialysis, by a highly trained technical and nursing staff under the guidance of dialysis medical officers and overall supervision of a senior consultant.

Holiday Dialysis

Hospital also provides a first class dialysis facility which offers you an unforgettable yet affordable holiday experience in UAE. You can book your dialysis easily through online hospital website. Patients have to undergo routine viral markers and other laboratory tests before being taken up for dialysis.

Critical Care Nephrology
The department of Nephrology is a major participant in intensive care by providing care to ICU patients with acute renal failure, volume disturbances or electrolyte and acid-base disorders.

We have several techniques for treatment of ICU acute renal failures such as slow continuous venovenous hemofiltration, SLED, bedside hemodialysis depending on patient’s requirements and underlying disease.

Much of the work with ICU patients is related to acute renal failures following polytrauma, multiorgan failure of any origin etc.

Other Services of the Department Include:

  • Temporary catheter insertion for HD
  • Pain relief services and intensive care for post-operative patients.
  • Permanent catheter insertion
  • Acute Peritoneal dialysis in children.
  • The radiologist works closely with the nephrologist in diagnosing paediatric nephrology problems.

Kidney Transplant

Department has a facility for following up renal transplant patients and providing them with best post-transplant care.

Paediatric Nephrology

Department also caters to various nephrology problems in children, with special interest in childhood nephrotic syndrome, (including drug resistant cases). It also manages children with other congenital kidney and bladder diseases.

Nephro Radiology

Plain X-ray KUB gives information regarding any radio-opaque shadow within the kidney/ureter/bladder.
IVP gives information about any structural abnormality of the urinary tract.
Ultrasound KUB – Gives information regarding shape, size and position of each kidney as well as information regarding the urinary bladder and the prostate gland.


The Department of Nephrology is actively involved in all academic activities of GMU and Thumbay Hospital. This includes teaching MBBS, DMD and BPT students both theories as well as in the operation theatre. The department participates in the scientific meetings, continuing medical education programmes and journal clubs held at Thumbay Hospital, Ajman.

What’s New

How conscious are you in protecting your kidneys?

Early detection of kidney diseases make treatment easier, otherwise, it can lead to serious conditions like Heart disease and kidney failure.

The Department of Nephrology of Thumbay Hospital, Ajman is providing services for patients with kidney diseases, including the diagnosis and management all forms of kidney diseases, as well as dialysis services. We have expert Nephrology specialist who is highly experienced in patient care treating patients with kidney disorders.

Common kidney-related problems managed by the Department of Nephrology include:

  • Diabetic related kidney diseases (Diabetic Nephropathy)
  • Hypertensive related kidney diseases (Hypertensive Nephropathy)
  • Acute Kidney Injury
  • Renal Disease related to connective Tissue Disorders
  • Proteinuria (Protein in urine): For both Adults & Pediatrics
  • Hematuria (Blood in urine)
  • Pediatric Nephrology.
  • Pregnancy related Kidney problems.
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Medical management of renal Stones
  • Conservative Nephropathy (Delaying the progression of Kidney Disease)
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease (Cystic diseases of kidney)
  • Management of patients on Maintenance Hemodialysis
  • Management of Post renal Transplant patients
  • Obesity Related Kidney Problem
  • Lupus Nephritis (SLE patient with Kidney Disease)


  • H.D Catheter Insertion
  • Femoral Catheter
  • Jugular Catheter
  • Subclavian Catheter
  • Permanent Catheter Insertion
  • Maintainance Hemodialysis
  • Slow Dialysis Therapies
  • Peritoneal Dialysis – Acute Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Kidney Biopsy – Native and Graft Biopsies
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