Facility - Thumbay Medical Tourism

Our Facilities

Our Facilities include

Our facility - Thumbay Medical Tourism in UAE
  • Semi Private, Private, Deluxe, Smart Deluxe & Ultra modern VIP Rooms
  • Executive Delivery Suite
  • Vaccination Center
  • 24 Hours Dialysis Unit
  • Full Range of Laboratory Services
  • Daignostic Imaging & Services(MRI, CT Scan, Digital Mammography, 4D Ultrasound)
  • Laser treatment in Dermatology & Opthalmology
  • Laproscopic & Laser Surgeries
  • Dental Clinic


Long-term Care

Our facility - Thumbay Medical Tourism in UAE

The long-term care facility at Thumbay University Hospital offers a variety of services which meet both the medical and non-medical needs of those who cannot take care of themselves. The hospital places equal emphasis on quality-of-life and quality-of-care for our patients. Our Long-term Care Facility is designed for patients who need extended hospital care or nursing home care, and the facility’s convenient location allows patients to stay in a safe hospital environment and to continue to interact with family and friends. Thumbay University Hospital offers personalized long-term care which ranges from simple assistance for daily activities to highly skilled care. The focus of the long-term care unit is to achieve holistic recovery for each patient, through customized care plans involving a multidisciplinary approach.


Therapeutic Garden

Our facility - Thumbay Medical Tourism in UAE

Thumbay Medicity has a unique Therapeutic Garden, specifically designed to meet the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the people as well as their caregivers, family members and friends. It is an innovative approach to rehabilitation, intended to give patients a positive experience during their recovery. The rehab garden improves the patients’ balance, walking, and other life skills, helping them recover from stress and promote health. The unit also provides an outdoor patio and a dining area for patients and their families.